Don’t waste your time trying to buy or rent one of those do-it-yourself pressure washers. You might save a little money, but your results will never compare to what Richard’s crew can do. And you’ll soon find out that it’s a much harder job than you thought it could be. So the little bit of savings will actually cost you more since you’ll likely later decide to have it professionally done anyway. Or just contend with a mediocre job.

I Need Pressure Washing doesn’t drive up with a pickup truck and pull out a portable type setup. They have a fully enclosed professional high end system. My driveway was washed, scrubbed and bleached. Looks incredible. I also had the 9 ft fence at my Mom’s house cleaned. It was full of mildew and the typical years worth of greying/blackening. I never imagined that the fence would look like brand new wood. Jeff was the worker for the two homes and he really pushed for perfection on both jobs. I absolutely recommend I Need Pressure Washing for any of your pressure washing needs.

-Lance Scardino